Saturday, October 24, 2009

More blogging awards

A few weeks ago, Rachel at When the Dogs Bite gave me this award:

Thanks, Rachel.

It came with the task of listing five current obssessions and to forward the award on to five other bloggers.

SLEEP - I don't quite get enough of this
FOOD - I am getting plenty of this (too much really)
CATS - I don't suppose you've noticed?
BOOKS - The more the better.
PHOTOGRAPHY - I guess you are really surprised about that one...


I thought that was that but this week Miss Yves, at Photograff, gave me this award:

Thanks, Miss Yves.
I have the sneaky feeling I already got this award at some point in time (although it was a different icon)...

As usual it comes with a set of rules.

Seven random/interesting things about me and seven victims (and who am I? Bluebearb?)

- I wanted to become an astronaut as a kid
- I am afraid of heigth
- I don't like Christmas (or any other compulsory feast)
- I prefer savoury over sweet food things.
- I am a cheese fiend.
- I am a dreamer
- I give all the money I get from publications to charity (don't hold your breath, I am not about to solve the world's poverty in a hurry)


- Loulou
- Jem
- Lisa
- Kevin
- Jientje
- Jackie (on behalf of the three)
- Half Baked
- Rachel (she's bound to be tickled by the Bluebearb connotation)

Now, I suppose I'd ought to update that side bar too...


Jientje said...

Thank you!!

I suck at awards myself but if I get one it's like getting a nice hug from a good friend. Thank you!

Rachel Green said...

I've done this in the past but I could do it again :)

Amity said...

Natalie hello,

i like your space, very beautiful. can you include me in your blog list? i've bookmarked you already hence i am following you up every now and then.

you've got a nice award from Rachel, how I wish you could include me the next time here...:)

have a happy Sunday Natalie...:)

pRiyA said...

thank you :-)
i'm working on the post now...

Miss_Yves said...

-4:je m'en serais doutée, d'après les photos de pâtisseries qui ornent ce blog.
6: une rêveuse, qui fait rêver les autres ,grâce à de belles photos et à des textes énigmatiques .

jem said...

Thanks for the award Nathalie. Always nice to know people enjoy my site. I've not spent as much time on it as I'd like lately. Or on my blog reading. Life gets in the way. But catching up today. Getting some new posts up. Thanks for reading.

Dina said...

So nice to come home from a week away (away from computers too) and find an award from you, my Poet Hero. Thanks! An honor to be included among your artistic blog-friends.

Congrats to you on your two awards.
You give all your publication money to charity?? Just another proof of my suspicion that you are a very special person.

Love your reference to Christmas etc. as "compulsory feasts."
All your magic with words and pictures in your blogs gives me great joy every day. Thank you for this gift, freely given.