Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oooh... Shiny!

This blog has received another award:

This one came from Jientje who, apart from having superb photography on her blog, ALSO gave me another award for Word of the Day!
Many thanks.
Do visit her.

Now, as I understand those things, an award is made to be forwarded, so I shall in turn nominate
Merisi for her excellent photography
Postcard from Pension Milou for the lovely work helping dogs
La tartine Gourmande for the food and wonderful pictures of it and
Chez Loulou for her glorious addiction to cheese.

(Not that the rest of my "Must read/follow" blogs are bad, by far... Do pay those a visit as well)


Jilly said...

Spacedlaw, THANKYOU! Really appreciate this. Now I'm off to give the dogs extra biscuits!

Jennifer said...

Merci beaucoup!!!
I love that you share my passion for cheese and appreciate the award.