Monday, December 05, 2016

This week will be dedicated to Caos The Goof, who died on Saturday

If your cat drinks a lot, have it checked for renal insufficiency.


Rachel Green said...

Oh! So very sorry.

spacedlaw said...


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I have lost a cat before, and the cat who is with me now is old and frail, so I have some sense of what you might be experiencing.

The following is a rap rhyme I wrote dedicated to my late cat Pau.


This is your Pau - what a great cat
Enjoy your Pau and love him like that

Groove with the rhythm, bopping down the block
move his paws and tail as he go hip-hop

Purr at the neighbor, purr at the sky
Life is a blessing - why ask why

Energy moving his fur and bones -
This is his life - this is his home

Something good happen - maybe soon
Maybe next week - maybe next June

Count all your blessings - let go of strife
This is your Pau - treasure his life

spacedlaw said...

That's lovely. Thank you.